Let Me Help You Reach Your Goals in the Right Ways.

With over 10 years of experience in IT Industry, especially in Web Hosting, I can provide  help in configuring and maintaining of your servers, websites and more.

Some of my clients:

What I Do

cPanel, Plesk, WordPress, MariaDB, PHP …

I Set up.

I will set up your server the right way.

I Secure.

All of your machines will be protected with best known security practices.

I Optimize.

 I will configure your machines with best optimizations for fast websites.

Need Advice?

We can chat over Google Meet.
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“Luka is the best. It’s the second time I work with him and he migrated all our server data to a new one. He also advised us and helped us find the best server for our needs. I’m only adding a brick to his wall of fame, all the reviews are telling the same thing: You’re in good hands.”

Amine Rhallam (buyer from Fiverr)

My Story

My name is Luka. I’ve been born and raised in Uzice, administrative centre of the Zlatibor District in western Serbia. 
Since young age I’ve been attracted to IT.

I started my first web hosting company at the age of 16.
Which turned out to be one of the most successful hosting companies in Serbia, with over 2000 clients.

After selling my first hosting business, I started freelancing on Fiverr.
Becoming Top Rated Seller, and then a Fiverr Pro.

With over 2000 completed orders and 1600+ positive 5 star reviews.

luka paunovic